Natural Helpers is a peer-helping program used across the United States and in several other countries.  It primarily serves middle school and high school students who want to strengthen their communication and helping skills and to provide support to others and service to their schools and communities. 

   The Natural Helpers program is based on a simple premise: Within every school, an informal "helping network" exists.   Students with problems naturally seek out other students - and occasionally teachers or other school staff - whom they trust.  They seek them out for advice, for assistance, or just a sympathetic ear.  The Natural Helpers Program uses this existing helping network; it provides training to students and adults who are already perceived as :natural helpers".  It gives them the skills they need to provide help more effectively to young people who seek them out.


Goals of the Natural Helpers Program
To teach Natural Helpers effective ways to help their friends
To teach Natural Helpers positive ways of taking good care of themselves
To teach Natural Helpers ways to contribute to a safe and supportive school environment


Roles of Natural Helpers
Continuing to help their friends with their concerns
        Recognizing when people have serious problems
(like depression, chemical dependency, and abuse) & referring them to trained helping resources
Working with helping team members to discuss issues &specific problems
Providing accurate information
Becoming more involved with their school and community

JULY 18-19, 2005 


  The National Peer Helpers Association